About Us

Harsh winter weather conditions should never prevent you from enjoying the outdoors. STABIL® has been the leading manufacturer of traction footwear for nearly three decades.

Based in Biddeford, Maine, we have continued to innovate our original product and have expanded our offerings to suit a wide range of recreational outdoor pursuits. More recently, we have taken on commercial applications with our STABIL Grippers®, designed for restaurants, food processing, and cleaning services, just to name a few. No matter what the environment has in store for you, STABIL® will never let you down.

Mission Statement

At STABIL®, stability, traction and performance are more than just product attributes, they’re words we live by. Everyday. Only through stability can a company earn the trust of its customers. Only through traction can our hard work and efforts be realized. And only through the performance of our dedicated employees can we all prosper.